Whether you are looking for a quick weekend getaway or want to go around the world and back again, Gates Way 2 Travel Service has you covered. Now that you booked your "Travel Possibilities Session, it affords me the unique opportunity to get to know you…your expectations, desires, dislikes, likes, and preferences.


Your Step-by-step Gateway to Your Amazing Travel Experience:


  • Step 1


    A discussion takes place to discover your desires, expectations, and preferences regarding your upcoming trip or vacation. This is where you will provide us with the how, what, when, where & let us know your budget.

  • Step 2


    You decide whether I am the right Travel Advisor and moving forward with travel plans and research. Some forms will be sent to you to complete and signed such as Guest Profile Insurance Waiver if required, and Travel Advisor Agreement after our call.

  • Step 3

    Plan & Research Itinerary!

    When your signed documents are received, allow approximately 72-hours (depends on the complexity of the travel request) you will receive 2-3 itineraries options to make your selection.

  • Step 4

    Payment & Reservation!

    Once your selection and payment is made, your reservation is booked by submitting a deposit or full payment, whichever is required.

  • Step 5

    Preparation for Departure!

    Congratulations! Your travel plans are finalized, and you will receive your invoice and travel documents. All that is left to do…is shop and pack. We will keep you updated on any status changes as well being available to answer any questions you might have.

  • Step 6

    Tell Us!

    Let us know how or what can we do to make your experience even better next time.

  • Step 7


    Tell us about your amazing trip or vacation experiences by sharing your photos, reviews, as well as testimonies with us.

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